Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Copper Promise: A Jekyll and Hyde Rabbit of a Series

"Sometimes I feel like I’m a scientist in a 1950s B-movie, looking sadly from the broken cage that once contained a small, docile bunny rabbit, to the very large and ominous bunny-shaped hole in the wall."

"The monstrous bunny flexed its terrible hairy muscles, booted open the door of the cage and sprinted off into the night, smelling faintly of mead and leather."

- SMISA's own Jennifer Williams, the new mad scientist of pulp fantasy, in a great guest post about her new novella series, The Copper Promise, over on Alan Baxter's blog.

Go on over and have a read (and while you're there, check out Baxter's blog; he doesn't write pulp but urban fantasy, but it's quite good stuff indeed) and if you haven't yet snagged the first of Jennifer's novellas, hit the link to the right and go get you some!